May 4, 2020

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Korean football coach Park Hang-seo, who helped Vietnam win the gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games, is currently training the Vietnamese U-23 team in the Korean city of Tongyeong. The players received a warm welcome and are doing their best to prepare for a competition in Thailand.

Players donning yellow and red uniforms appear upbeat as they warm up for training. They are Vietnam’s U-23 team, who visited Korea along with their coach, Park Hang-seo. He decided to have the team train in Tongyeong for the AFC U-23 championship, taking place next month in Thailand. Park believes Tongyeong is the best place for the players’ physical recovery.
[Soundbite] PARK HANG-SEO(COACH OF VIETNAMESE NATIONAL TEAM) : “I often visited Tongyeong for training when I worked with Gyeongnam FC, Jeonnam Dragons and Sangju Sangmu.”
The Vietnamese players adapted quickly to the cold weather and spicy Korean food.
[Soundbite] NGUYEN QUANG HAI(FORWARD, VIETNAMESE NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM) : “Coach Park helped us improve our skills by grasping our strengths well.”
Vietnamese expatriates living in Korea and even Vietnamese journalists visited the training site.
[Soundbite] (REPORTER FROM VIETNAMESE SOCCER TV CHANNEL) : “Fresh air is good for our players’ health. And for some injured players, like Quang Hai, it is a good time for them to recover.”
Park plans to return to Vietnam on Sunday after recharging his energy in his home country to prepare for his next endeavor in Thailand.


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