u spaces( psychedelic archaeology ) vol 4

June 15, 2020

1 Mr. Sun
Sound Vendor

2 Look at Me

3 Ring the Bells
The Collectors

4 Uncle Wiggley
The Collectors

5 Friendly Stranger

6 Shadows in the Sun

7 Cherry Pie
Sixth Day Creation

8 Last Day on Earth
Velvet Haze

9 Yesterday Noontime
Act of Creation

10 Hard Way to Go
East River Drive

11 Mojo Woman
The Enemies

12 Strangers Calling
Aluminum Dream

13 Old Man
Benjamin Carry Ltd

14 I’ve Never Been So High
Medicine Mike

15 Dirty Woman

16 Here’s Today
The Rose Garden

17 Virgo

18 Sunbeam

19 Woman Don’t You Go

20 53 Summer Street

21 Think About Now
The Cellar

22 Mr. Man
The Raves

23 You Blow My Mind
Hugh McCracken

24 I’ve Just Seen You
Act of Creation

25 Reference Man, Part 2

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  • A really fine 10 volume series, with rarely if ever heard material.

    Robert Laberge June 15, 2020 2:17 pm Reply

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