The Who- Live at the Madison Square Garden 1974/06/14

June 10, 2020

Recorded at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, New York on 06/14/1974
Recording Quality: B+

00:00:55 I Can’t Explain
00:03:27 Summertime Blues
00:07:19 Young Man Blues
00:15:32 Baba O’Riley
00:23:21 Behind Blue Eyes
00:27:27 My Wife
00:34:34 Magic Bus
00:43:42 Tattoo (cut)
00:46:35 Bell Boy
00:52:06 Dr. Jimmy
01:00:04 Won’t Get Fooled Again
01:10:17 Pinball Wizard
01:13:36 See Me, Feel Me
01:19:52 My Generation/Blues

01:29:26 Drowned
01:41:18 Boris the Spider
01:43:38 Substitute
01:46:32 The Punk and the Godfather
01:51:22 I’m One
01:53:23 Naked Eye

Night four of the famous four night MSG run!
Unfortunately, unlike the other three nights, this one lacks the superior bootleg quality.. I actually had to do some doctoring to this to get it up to speed (first time doing this in a video I think, and I think I did pretty good!). Like I yapped about in the 11 and 13 MSG show vids, this set list is packed with rarities and more “complete” than the others. Even features “Magic Bus”, and “I’m One”. They go absolutely crazy at the end, but it gets cut off. There were some cutting issues, speaking of, in the middle, but I think I patched it up decently. Enjoy, and happy new year!


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  • Forget The Recording Quality, After going to about 100 Shows in my Life Time, Including seeing the WHO X 4 W/ Keith from 12/4/73 to 12/15/75 and another time w/ Kenny Drumming in Oakland CA in '82 Plus Zeppelin X 4, the Stones x 10 and YES x 10, etc, etc This Here Concert on 6/14/74 @ MSG was THE BEST Concert I Ever Witnessed (I Was also at the Show on 6/10 Too) in my Life Time. One Other Wonderful Thing happen at This Show, Sitting Directly Behind was Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer. They Were GREAT Guys to Watch the GREATEST Show by my Favorite Live "70's Band. And Yes, They Enjoyed the Show as Much as Me My Friend Did (By the Way, We Scalped These Seats as Luck Would Have it). PS: I Graduated HS 6 Days after this Show and Then Saw Edgar and Rick a Week Later at the Same Venue Do There Show on 6/28/74. Two Wonderful Weeks in My Young Life That I Will NEVER Forget!! To ALL: BE SAFE and STAY SAFE!!!

    mark michalko June 10, 2020 12:55 pm Reply

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