The One Piece Podcast, #OPReadthrough #1, “East Blue” (Part One)

0:00:00 The Read Line
1:47:39 The Reverie
2:50:03 Next Time on the #OPReadthrough…

On the first volume of “The Great One Piece Readthrough” we go through the first six volumes of One Piece in two segments with hosts Zach ( and Ed! (

First, we go through the volumes in our non-spoiler segment: “The Read Line” with special guests Stephen Paul (current translator for One Piece) ( Jose Argumedo (Technical Director at CNN) ( Bryan Newton (Director for Rick and Morty and Teen Titans Go) ( and Steve Yurko (co-host of The One Piece Podcast, storyboard artist on Hot Streets and artist).

Then, we look at the little hidden gems and how things have changed in our segment that includes some spoilers “The Reverie” with special guests Greg Werner (author in Shueisha’s V-Jump and author for the official ( Jammer (author of Dangerous Faces and former Editor-in-Chief at The One Piece Podcast) ( and Stephen Paul (

Volume #1: Romance Dawn
Volume #2: Buggy the Clown
Volume #3: Don’t Get Fooled Again
Volume #4: The Black Cat Pirates
Volume #5: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Volume #6: The Oath

These first six volumes contain the Romance Dawn story arc, the Alvida/Captain Morgan arc, the Captain Kuro arc, and the first part of the Baratie arc, plus a lot more!

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We’re going to be reairing the first 13 parts of our One Piece Readthrough series every Friday on the main podcast feed — and we’re going to have a special sweepstakes thanks to the good folks at VIZ Media to celebrate! We will be giving away five copies of the brand-new One Piece Color Walk Compendium: East Blue to Skypiea! This includes material from the first three Color Walk books in a beautiful hardcover edition, translated by our very own Stephen Paul.

Here are the contest rules: hashtag #OPReadthrough with your favorite One Piece story arc on Twitter. Give us a good reason: why is it your favorite arc? Who are your favorite characters in the arc? What makes it special to you? Don’t forget to tag @OnePiecePodcast and @VIZMedia! We will choose one winner each week for five weeks — the winners will be announced on Twitter and on the show every Friday. This is only available for those in the United States and Canada … but if you live internationally we will be giving away a chance to come on our show!

Next Friday we have special guest Miles Thomas from Crunchyroll! Our usual episode will still air on Monday with a recap of One Piece Chapter 909!


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  • Gaimon is the weirdest story, so it makes me wonder if it isn't foreshadowing the story. Are we monitoring this story for decades only to find out that there is no treasure? The treasure was the friends we made along the way?

    Sam Richardson June 10, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Where do I watch OPP Japan? the website is 404

    Kavin Thirukonda June 10, 2020 8:56 am Reply

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