The Crow And Old Woman | The Crow And Old Woman In English | Moral Story For Kids

June 20, 2020

The Crow And Old Woman | The Crow And Old Woman In English | Moral Story For Kids

There was a village named Singanallur. It had a big banyan tree which was the residing place for a flock of crows. One day as usual, early in the morning every crow left the tree in search of food except one…the Blacky. Blacky was sleeping till the sun rays touched him.

Crow: Ahh…Ahh…Sunrays. What’s the time now? Oh my God, its 8′ O clock. Everyone has gone and now I have to go alone.

Blacky flew over the streets of the village. In search of food, Blacky sat on a branch as he was tired of flying around.

Blacky: Hmmm… I am hungry. What makes me hungry?

Blacky looked around to find out where the smell came from? An old lady was frying vadas which spread the aroma. The size of vada makes his mouth to water. Immediately he felt like eating the Vada . So Blacky went down and sat near the woman.

Blacky: Hmmm… A crow is kept in a rest.

Blacky slowly went near the vada plate.

Woman: Hey… You are here to steal the Vada. Let me also tie you.

Blacky: Bad bad lady, Very dangerous woman!…it is possible to get a Vada only if she is not here. What to do?

An idea flashed in Blacky’s mind. Immediately he went to the backyard.

Blacky: Grandma… Ohh dear Grandma.

Woman: Ohhh… My Grandchildren!…I am coming.

The moment the old lady went to the backyard. Blacky picked up a Vada and flew back to his home. Blacky was happy and was about to eat his meal. At the same time a Fox called Cunny was walking towards the street . The moment Cunny saw the Vada, it wanted to take it from the Crow.Cunny: Ho..ho..ho… What luck? I will get the vada from the Blacky. Before that I should plan. It trick the Blacky

Cunny: Hello Blacky. Hope that’s your name? What people say is true? Black is beauty. Wow! you have got wonderful beautiful eyes. Yes, Feather’s I don’t find words to describe your beauty.

Cunny again continued. Blacky who heard this, felt happy and was proud when he heard these words.

Cunny: Such a beautiful bird definitely should have a beautiful voice. Will you sing a song for me Blacky?

Blacky was totally flattered.

Blacky: caw caw caaaaaaaw. Ohh I am a fool.

That’s it …. the vada felt down and it was in the hands of Cunny.

Cunny: Oh Let me clean the sand from the vada before eating it.

Cunny took the vada and disappeared into the forest. The fooled Blacky was disappointed.

Blacky: I should not have believed the words of that fox. Now I should look out the way to get another vada from that old lady.

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