Rock Band 2 – Won´t get Fooled Again Expert Drums FC / 1st on XBL!

1st place on XBL. =)
This is by FAR the best FC I´ve ever gotten and I think it will be my best FC for a long time.

Actually, this was very random. But I got it and I´m veeeery happy with that. Nearly choked in the Jam but I made it. Actually, I don´t think that the Jam is that hard, I practised it for 30 minutes one day and after that I FC´d it nearly every time.

I will go after “Flirtin´ with Disaster”, “Tom Sawyer” and “Highway Star”, so that I have FCs of all Impossible RB1 Songs (except RTTH lol).

Oh, and I also FC´d Science Genius Girl first try after not playing it for 2 weeks lol. Maybe I´ll re-FC it for Video. I also have a request on Blinded by Fear so I will do that too sooner or later.


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  • loool is easy ich verkack nur die wirbel ich schaff da jezz schon 99% xD ich hab nämlich nur rb1 kit hällt aber immerhin schon 2 jahre xD.are you det yet bekomm ich vllt. auch n Fc hin ma schauen

    cP Sly June 7, 2020 12:52 am Reply
  • nice FC!!! wenn ich mein ion bekomm mache ich vllt. auch noch n Fc davon (aber erstma Sleepwalker usw. xD)

    cP Sly June 7, 2020 12:52 am Reply
  • So gehts mir auch, wenn ich in letzter zeit sehe wie bloshadow abgeht^^ gz zum FC!

    Alucard0691RB June 7, 2020 12:52 am Reply

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