Party on the pitch , Menorca Music Festival 2017

June 15, 2020

A 15 minute clip of the highlights from The Geckos set at the music festival. The Geckos are Hugh Grundy (The Zombies) on Drums, Simon Holland on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Richard Guyatt on Lead Vocals, Richard Velarde on Bass, Michael Connor on Rhythm Guitar, Jason McMurray on Keyboards.
1. You cant always get what you want
2. Alive and kicking
3. Time of the season
4. Miss You
5. I’d do it all again (The Geckos. McMurray/Holland)
6. RockStar (The Geckos. McMurray/Holland)
7. Don’t be cruel
8. Watcha gonna do about it
9. Rock n roll medley
10. Get it on
11. Long train running
12. Rebel Rebel
13. Whole lotta love
14.Won’t get fooled again


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