Kalahari Surfers – Good Advice For The Eighties

June 9, 2020

The controversial Kalahari Surfer, Warrick Sony!!!…

Kalahari Surfers – “Good Advice For The Eighties”.
From the album, “Bigger Than Jesus”.
Released on the Shifty label, GNP 999, 1989.

Track listing:
Side 1:
Plan For Peace
Good Advice For The Eighties **
Running Out Of Time
Limpet Mine
A National Party **

Side 2:
Bigger Than Jesus
Beatle Love Song
Don’t Get Fooled Again *
Gutted With The Glory

All songs composed by Warrick Sony, except *by Pete Townsend ** by Warrick Sony & Chris Cutler
All music by Warrick Sony except;
Plan Of Peace: Ian Herman – Drums, Backing Vocals – Joanna Weinberger, Umhlanga Roxx – Bass
Good Advice For The Eighties – Umhlanga Roxx – Guitar
Bigger Than Jesus – James Phillips, Mark Bennet – Backing Vocals
Reconnaissance – Ian Herman – Drums, Umhlanga Roxx – Guitar

Publisher: Shifty Records (ZA) SA

Nguồn: https://thegioibongda.com.vn

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